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Travel and Transportation

To own a car is actually a necessity on this island. Granted, if you live in the suburbs it is quite managable to take the public transportation, but even then it is hard to do your shopping, get to work on time and get your kids to school and clubs. So a car is an important possession.
But what if your car breaks down or if you need a new car?

This section is not only about cars, though. It also offers addresses of movers, shippers, travel agents etcetera.

Cruise Ship Arrivals


Cars and motor vehicle tax

To pay your motor vehicle tax and receive your new license plate or license plate supplement, you need:

- Proof of payment of the previous payment period
- Valid proof of technical inspection
- Valid car insurance
- Identification

You have to take the originals with you, copies are not accepted.

Off course you can pay your motor vehicle tax at:

- The Eilandsontvanger, Regentesselaan z/n (7.45 - 15.30)

But to avoid lines you can also pay at:

- ACU Pater Euwensweg z/n (08.00 - 14.00)

or at one of the outlets of

- Servisio di Pago Korsou N.V. (Winkelcentrum Colon, Dokterstuin, Sta. Rosa, Montagne or Marshe di Punda (08.00 - 14.00))

Quality Shipping Agencies

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