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Utilities and Services

Utilitities on Curaçao, as elsewhere are of the utmost importance. Therefore some knowledge about the different companies activities and how to reach them is essential. One these pages we give you some information on utility companies and related services.
Curaçao gets its water from the sea. The world's largest desalination plant is located here and produces delicious tap water. In houses there is no hot or cold water, just the water, and its temperature depends on how strong the sun is. Electricity here is a bit of a specialty. The current is officially 127 volts and 50 hertz, but the voltage can fluctuate and sometimes burn transformers. It's best to use some multi purpose transformers that are made for this current. Some appliances such as refrigerators need special transformers. Houses usually have the above current in addition to 220 volts, mainly used for air conditioners, washing machines, etc. Water and electricity may drop out on occasion. For cooking, every house has gas bottles to operate stove and oven.