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Get married on Curaçao White sandy beaches, picturesque allies, stately plantation houses... Curaçao has it all and it provides the perfect romantic background for your dream wedding. And that is the reason why Curaçao rates in the top three of romantic wedding destinations of Dutch wedding magazine "Bride and Groom magazine". Bridal couples to be are very welcome on our lovely island. A lot of hotels offer special arrangements and our intriguing history, beautiful bays end friendly people will make for an unforgettable honeymoon.To make sure your wedding day is free from care, we give you some information about the procedures you need to follow.If you are both living abroad make sure to make known your wish to get married at least two months in advance. You need to send a letter to the Curaçao Registrars Office stating the date and time you wish to be married. With this marriage petition, signed by the both of you, you have to send several documents:
  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of valid passport (Signature & Photo page)
  • Declaration of unmarried state
  • If you are divorced or widowed you'll need to send the relevant documents (divorce decree, death certificate)
Please note that all these documents have to be the originals, not copies, they need to be legalized and may not be older than six months.Depending on your circumstances you may be asked for more documents, but if this is the case you will be notified in time.


Curaçao Registrars Office:
Afdeling Burgerlijke Stand, Bevolkingsregister en Verkiezingen

Roodeweg 42

Curaçao N.A.


Within two weeks they will let you know if all your documents are in order and if not which documents you need to (re)send. At the same time they will let you know whether or not the date and time can be accomodated.
When everything is in order your marriage will be announced publicly on the first Saturday after your request has been granted.At least three days prior to the wedding you should present yourself at the registrar's office for identification and to get acquainted with your registrar. Many foreign documents need to be legalized by the Dutch representation in your country. There re however a number of countries exempt from this legalization process: Aruba, Austria, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey.If you choose to bring witnesses from home, they must be 21 years of age. You can have a maximum of four witnesses, two each. When you register a witness you need their full names, address and date of birth. The witness will need a copy of valid passport. The witnesses should apply for temporary residence. A wedding planner can also arrange for local witnesses.