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National Holidays

Below you can find an overview of all national holidays of Curacao:

Public Holidays 2011

Jan 01    New Year`s Day
After the year ends with a big bang, the first day of the new year is traditionally a time for family gatherings. (stores are closed). For several days the streets are littered with the red paper wrappings of thousands of firecrackers.
Jan 26

Indian Republic Day
Celebrating the creation of the Indian Republic, some Indian owned stores are closed, including clothing and sundries stores.

Feb 14
Valentine's Day
March 6
Carnival Monday
During the eight Carnival weeks Curaçao is turned into one big melting pot of people having fun on and off the streets. It all culminates in the Grand March at Sunday March 6 and is finished off with the Farewell Grand Parade at Tuesday evening 8 March. Monday, March 7 , is an official public holiday. For more detailed information, visit the Calendar of Events.
March 19

In celebration of the first day of this holy period Jewish owned businesses (including the island`s largest bank) are closed. The date varies, but usually occurs close to Easter. 

April 22  Good Friday
An official holiday on this largely Catholic island and the beginning of a weeklong spring break for schools. Like all school vacations, expect local beaches to be crowded. Grocery stores and markets do a record sale in fresh and salted fish on the previous days. Spring breath begins for schools, and lasts through the following week.
April 24
Easter Sunday
Local children are decked out in their spring finery for the traditional first communion celebrations, which are held between now and Ascension Day (May 21). The Curacao Cultural Ministry organizes a major kite flying competition at the Waaigat Parking area in Punda.

April 25
Easter Monday / Seu Folklore Parade
On the Monday after Easter local folklore groups wear traditional costumes and parade through the streets of Punda and Otrobanda, recalling the harvest festival of yesteryear. The groups, which range from young children to older people, play traditional musical instruments as they dance through the streets.
April 30
Queen`s Birthday
The birthday  of Queen Beatrix is actually in January, but because of the cold weather in Holland, the celebrations continue to be held on the birthday of the former Queen, Beatrix`s mother, Juliana. There are official celebrations at Fort Amsterdam and a festive atmosphere in Punda.
April 30

Sami Sailing Regatta
Usually held the last weekend in April, this traditional two day event is hosted by the fishing village of Boka St. Michiel known locally as "Boka Sami" or simply "Boka". Locals pack the area to sample food at numerous food stands, listen to bands belting out lively music, and watch the boat races. The festival is crowded, noisy and fun.

May 01

Labor Day
The government and labor unions organize special activities.
May 15

Mother`s Day
The second Sunday of May is celebrated with lots of gifts and flowers, and sales at island stores. Special events are organized in the downtown area (Punda & Otrobanda) and many hotels.

May 30

1969 Commenoration
Commemorations of the historic 1969 labor dispute that turned into a major social uprising. Trade unions organize cltural activities, speeches, and marches.

June 2

Ascension Day
A popular time for first communion celebrations. 

June 19

Father`s Day
Like Mother`s Day, the third Sunday of June is celebrated with shopping, shows and musical tributes to Dad. Look for special events in the downtown area (Punda & Otrobanda).

July 02
Curacao Flag Day
Celebrated with official ceremonies and cultural events at Plaza Brion and the Village of Barber.
August 17

Slave Uprising Anniversary
The 1795 slave uprising, the most important in Curacao`s history, is remembered with musical and cultural events on the Rif waterfront, behind the Holiday Beach Hotel, and at Landhuis Kenepa (Kenepa Plantion House) on the western end of the island.

September 29

Rosh Hashanah
Jewish New Year (Jewish owned shops and banks are closed)

October 8

Yom Kippur
Day of Atonement (Jewish owned shops and banks are closed)


School Vacation
week of October 4-8
Local schools take a week`s break, which coincides with the annual Sailing Regatta in Bonaire.

December 6

St. Nicolas Day
Children carefully set out their shoes on the eve, filled with grass for St. Nic`s horse. Those who have been good receive a gift, those who haven`t are afraid a "Zwarte Piet" will carry them back to Spain in a Sack. Local schools participate fully in the festivities look for jeeps full of Piets in black face driving around residential areas throughout the week. It may surprise you to see local businesses decorated with caricatures of black face Piet.

December  15
Kingdom Day
December 25-26
December 31
New Year`s Eve