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Curacao information -

Maps & Directions

Exploring the island of Curacao will need some preparations in advance. As there are no carnaviagtion software available for the island, you will have to buy a roadmap, which are available throughout Curacao for about NAF 10,-

Curacao offers many major car rental company's, however they will only rent to people above 24 years of age. For the exact requirements visit the website of the carrental company. For interns and people who do not qualify for the age limit, there are also local cardealers and carrentals who will rent to drivers between 18 - 24 years of age.

Driving Tips

  • Speed limit in built-up area is 40 km/h (= 25 Mph). Outside of town 60 km/h (= 37 Mph), except where otherwise posted.
  • On T-junctions traffic on the dead-end road must give right of way to all traffic from left and right.
  • Reduce your speed in rainy weather. Wet roads can be extremely slippery.

Overview map
The ring offers a quick way to travel from downtown Willemstad to all of the suburbs on te island. The Curacaoan landmark, the Koningin Emma Bridge is part of the ring.
  Cities map
Most roads on Curacao are well maintained for Caribbean standards, however driving to Westpunt will be a bumpy trip. Some of the more secluded beaches located at the end of a dirt-road, will require a robust vehicle like a four-wheeldrive however this is not demanded.
  Beaches map
  Dive map