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Curoil / Curgas


AM Chumaceiro Blvd 15


Curoil is the leading provider of petroleum products on Curaçao and Bonaire.

They are committed to meeting industry safety standards and acting responsibly towards the natural environment.

Gasonline prices are ultimately set by the government and are at present:

 Mogas 92
 Mogas 95
 Kerosine  Gasoil
 19 April 2010    201.75  107.50  107.00



Curoil / Curgas operates a customer center in the heart of Willemstad, at the Brion Plaza in Otrobanda. This center provides:
- An easily accessible location
- A facility to order gas cylinders and purchase related gas equipment
- An information center for all Curoil and Curgas services
- A distribution point for all leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, bulletins and other Curoil/Curgas publications
- The opportunity to buy prepaid gasoline tickets and Curoil automotive maintenance fluids such as lubricants, brake fluid and battery water;
- The opportunity to give personal attention to your questions and concerns;
- A place to purchase a variety of phone cards and pay your bills via the "Pagafasil" payment system.




Kaya Pointe a Pitre 20

Curgas is the local provider of  Propane gas

It is almost imposible to imagine daily life on our islands without Propane gas; it has become the most used cooking gas.
In the old days, we used to cook with wood. Many still remember the “konfó� and the “stof di kerosin�. Later, the stove, the gas range, the built-in oven and the gas hotplate followed. This evolution isn’t over yet. What can we expect in the future?

What to do in case of malfunction of your gas installation

In case you smell gas or hear a hissing sound coming for your gas stove, gas valve or cylinder, this may be a sign that there is a problem with your gas installation. In that case we speak of a malfunction, a leakage.

What are you to do in case of a leakage ?
The following 5 steps must be followed in case of a leakage:

During office hours:
After office hours:

A distinction is made between the prices for domestic use (which is subsidized by the government) and commercial use.

Prices for a 100lbs container:
For Commercial use : US$ 55.43 / Naf 97,00
For Domestic use : US$ 29.54 / Naf 51,70

A 20 lbs container (only for donestic use)  US$ 7.26 /  Naf 12,70

You cannot buy more than two 20lbs cylinders per day.