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Tax Offices

Regentesselaan z/n

Open: 07:45 am -15:30 pm

The most important tasks of the Eilandsontvanger are:

Collection and payments of tax revenues
Collection of outstanding taxes
Policy advice
Provide information to both to tax payers and relevant authorities and organizations

The most important taxes are:

Wages tax: Tax charged at source (i.e. the employer) as a withholding tax on wages
Income tax: Tax imposed on the income of an individual.
Land tax: Tax levied on land owned by legal or natural persons.
Usability tax: Tax levied on the use of a building by legal or natural persons.
Motor vehicle tax

To pay your motor vehicle tax and receive your new license plate or license plate supplement, you need the originals of:

  • Proof of payment of the previous year
  • Valid proof of technical inspection
  • Valid car insurance
  • Identification

Profits tax: Any legal person that gains profits from business must pay profits tax. The system works so that the statement and declaration by taxpayers provides the information for assessments to taxes
The Eilandsontvanger can furnish you with the appropriate tariff tables.


Regentesselaan z/n



Open: 7.45 am – 11.45 am/ 13.45 pm - 15.30 pm


The most important tasks of the Landsontvanger are:
1. Collection and levy of sales tax, general spending taxes (AVBZ), inheritance and transition taxes, transfer tax, stamp duty and social security contributions for the Social Securities Bank
2. Collection of post-clearance recovery of import duties
3. Payment on behalf of the country the Netherlands Antilles such as: salaries, creditors and refunding of spending taxes and contributions
4. Collection of miscellaneous dues to the country or contributions and fees given by the country such as collection orders.