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UTS Headquarters
Rigelweg 2

United Telecommunication Services (UTS) was established in March 1999 as a merging of the two existing telecommunications companies Antelecom N.V. and Setel N.V. in Curacao. UTS provides telecom and telecom-related services to consumers, businesses and governments as well. UTS offers long distance and Internet services as well as transaction-based services such as collect calling, lease lines, pre-paid cards and in mobile telephony in the Netherlands Antilles.

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Products & Services

Residential Telephony

UTS offers both the regular postpaid connections, but offers also prepaid services for your fixed telephone line under the name Telefásil. You can use prepaid telephone card 'Tilin' from your house telephone or from a public telephone from either Curaçao or from many other destinations around the world. You can subscribe by passing by one of the Tele Centers or visit the Tilin website.


International Calls

How to make international calls
- Lift the receiver and wait for the dial tone;
- Dial the international access code (00);
- Dial the country access code
- Dial the area code, omitting the first zero;
- Dial the destination number
Example: 00-31-10-1234567

How to make inter-island calls
To place a call to another island in the Netherlands Antilles always start by entering 0 (zero), being the access code for the inter-island telephone network. All the islands have their own code that gives access to the local telephone network. The codes are as follows.
Bonaire: 07
Saba: 04
Sint Eustatius: 03
Sint Maarten: 05
Curacao: 09
Aruba: 00-297

Tele Centers

For all your questions, applying for a fixed line or a mobile connection, information on billing, payments, telephone cards, sending fax messages or international calls visit one of the TeleCenters

Office Hours:
Monday till Friday, 7.45 - 15.30 hours 

Tele Center Brievengat
Berthencourtstraat, Brievengat

Tele Center Paseata
Sta. Rosaweg at Paseata Galleries

Tele Center Otrobanda
J.H.J. Hamelbergweg in front of Colon Shopping Center

Tele Center Santa Maria
F.D. Rooseveltweg, Santa Maria

Tele Center Punda
Post office, Punda

Tele Center Tera Kora
Tera Kora, Banda'bou

Mobile Telephony

Chippie is the name of the GSM Cellular Phone Services of UTS. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. It's a highly advanced cellular phone service technology that offers highly reliable voice and data services. Nowadays GSM services are not only offered in Europe, but this technology is also offered more and more in the States and other parts of the world.

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BlackBerry™ Solutions

BlackBerry™ is a wireless solution that provides users with wireless access with a full suite of business applications including: Email, Organizer functions, Phone, Web browsing and more.

UTS offers two options: BlackBerry™ Enterprise Solutions (BES) for corporate customers and BlackBerry™ Internet Service (BIS) for individuals, young professionals, people on-the-go and small to medium enterprises

UTS Internet Services are provided by Onenet  

UTS is also the parent company of:

TDS (T.V. Distribution Systems N.V.) - Provision of education, information and recreation through affordable TV channels and related products.

TeleCuraçao - The national TV station.

Teldata - Provision of Network management including WAN, LAN, IP Telephony, Desktop, Server and Internet security for corporations.

Telelease - Makes it possible for entrepreneurs to acquire their products by signing lease agreements with them.

Dataplanet - Provides ICT service to the islands of the Netherlands Antilles , the Caribbean region and also on the international scene.

E-Powerhouse - Co-location and hosting company serving international e-commerce clients.