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Beaches Curacao

Northern most diving spot, a rugged, original submarine adventure completely different from any other spot. Also a beautiful cave. Sometimes rough sea, hard and/or unpredictable current.
Look out for Great Gorgons, Sponges and Anemones. Crabs and Lobsters. Sea turtles. Huge Moray eels, and most likely great Barracudas, Manta and Sharks. Most dive operators on islands west side do scheduled trips to Watamula.

Playa KalkiPlaya Kalki
Because of its beauty, and also easy accessibility this diving spot is regarded as one of Curaçao’s best and most popular. Since conditions are mostly calm also popular snorkeling spot.
Look out for a wide range of different Corals, Sponges and Anemones in a beautifully undulated underwater landscape. Groupers, Barracudas, Huge Moray eels, Sharks, Lobsters, Octopus, Sea turtles.

Playa JeremiPlaya Jeremi
Fishing boats pulled up onto the tiny beach add local charm. Playa Jeremi is located just past Soto and Lagun, with a beach covered with coarse sand and volcanic stones. Explore the wall to find large heads of mountainous star coral, orange cup corals, trumpet fish and a lot of typical reef fish and other sea creatures. 

Playa LagunPlaya Lagun
Narrow beach between giant rock formations. 450ft / 150m swim to the reef. Usually schools of different colorful fish. Leads direct to “Mushroom Forest”.
Look out for beautiful coral formations and caves. Anemones and Sponges. Sea turtles and Seahorses. Trumpetfish, Groupers.

Mushroom ForrestMushroom Forest
An other of Curaçao’s most beautiful dive sites. A gently sloping reef with gigantic mushroom shaped coral formations – thousands of years old. Nice pictures… Most dive operators do scheduled trips to Mushroom Forest.
Look out for beautiful coral formations. Anemones. Sea turtles. Squids, Snappers, Morays, Trumpetfish.

Black Coral GardensBlack Coral Gardens
As the name tells you, here is the garden you wished you had. A good balance between hard- and soft coral. Large purple tube sponges and barrel sponges are to be seen here. On this dive you have a good change on rainbow runners, Creole wrasses and large porcupine fish. Also here frogfish can be found, so keep your eyes open.

Porto MariePorto Marie
One of the most beautiful and best kept beaches on Curaçao. Drop-off 100 m from shore to a scenic double reef. Excellent for beginners. Easy access from beach. Entrance fee.
Look out for Sea turtles, Nursesharks, Barracudas, Stingrays, Morays, Scorpionfish, Balloonfish, Parrotfish, Trunkfish, Angelfish.

In the Vaersenbaai, there are 3 dive spots. Look out for large giant split- pore sea rods are inhabited by schools of grunts and schoolmasters and large brain corals.

Superior ProducerSuperior Producer
Just of the coast of Willemstad lies a wreck, attractively overgrown. Easy to reach from shore, just out from Holiday Beach Hotel, the wreck lies parallel to the reef in water 100ft / 30m deep. A most enjoyable diving experience!
Look out for interesting details. Part of the vessel is beautifully overgrown by corals. Common reef fish and patrolling Barracudas, Groupers & Jacks.

Tug BoatTug Boat.
Just of the eastern shore of Caracasbaai island, at a depth of a mere 25 ft, lays one of the most attractive wrecks in the Caribbean. A small tugboat, which sunk a long time ago, covered with huge coral formations. A photographer’s studio and a most recommended site for night dive. The rather shallow location makes Tugboat a fantastic snorkeling experience. Just southeast of the wreck you have a beautiful vertical wall down to 90ft / 30m. Calm water at Tugbut, but be aware of unpredictable current at the wall.
Look out for schools of Soldierfish, Damselfish & Snappers. Morays, Trumpetfish


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