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Yet the end for St. Martinus University

Published: November 21, 2007

Source: Amigoe

WILLEMSTAD – With the auction of the inventory of the St. Martinus University proclaimed for this Thursday, the end of the educational institution still threatens.  Director of the University, Jan van Belleghem is going to battle with Banco di Caribe to avoid this auction.  A lawsuit on this is down for hearing tomorrow.

Lawyer Arend de Winter is of the opinion that the auction of the building complex on Brionplein is a special argument of the bank.  The university is a freestanding business that runs pretty good.  Besides, the auction of the real estate will probably not take place.  We are busy with private sale.  We will definitely succeed in this, and the bank knows.”     

All the current years are close to their exams.  St. Martinus University that exists for almost 4 years, has approximately 80 students, of which 10 percents are local.  Ban Belleghem is of the opinion that the conflict between the bank and shareholder John Daryanani may not hinder the progress of the education.  “In this case, we are talking about tables and chairs.  I base myself on a solution.”  He says that he bases his confidence on guarantees of the owner of the building and the inventory, Daryanani, also shareholder of the university.  Other than Van Belleghem’s, nobody trusts Daryanani, especially not his creditors.  “They have already set the dogs at him”, says Van Belleghem, who should have known that the creditors wanted to see money from the university also, when the auction of the buildings was announced in October.    Van Belleghem told the Amigoe that the university is are not well off, but it does comply with its financial obligations.  “We do not have debts and we are not down and out.”  He says that the bank is now demanding an earlier issued loan.  Bailiff Marlion Bazur announced the ‘he will put the entire inventory and requisites for the exploitation of a medical university’ up for sale.  Everything will be sold as a whole.   Other than the usual office inventory, there are also medical study equipment like microscopes, sterilizers, an incubator, a synthetic skeleton, and a medical library.  It is of course possible that a buyer pays for the inventory with the purpose to continue with the university.    

The monument, in which the medical education and other commercial tenants are established, is property of John Daryanani’s corporation Martinus Medical Properties.  A great part in the back of the monumental complex is still undeveloped.  Other than owner of the real estate, Daryanani, who is in serious financial trouble, is also large shareholder of the university itself.  After the auction of the building and grounds on Brionplein was proclaimed in October, Van Belleghem, hotelier Donardo Vrolijk (Howard Johnson), and notary Bianca Eshuis said that a buyer will present him/her self before the date of the auction.  Daryanani went to the United States and Canada to find a buyer.  Rumours are that there is a group of Dutch investors that have interest.  Daryanani became wealthy with the business Hermanos Lalo in the Free Zone, Salinja Galleries, and some businesses in Punda, including The Yellow House.  He has meanwhile been put out of the family business in the Free Zone.