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Reconstruction of the free zone

Published: November 29, 2007

Source: Amigoe

WILLEMSTAD – The ‘reconstruction’ of the free zone is starting to take shape.  Driving along the Koningsplein, one can see the piles halfway above the ground.  The first of the five buildings that went up in flames stood one year ago on this piece of land, the H-parcel.  The reconstruction of B-II that burned down for 50 percent will also start soon.   

The actual new development of the H-building will start at the beginning of 2008, says director Eric Smeulders of Curinde, the administrator of the free zone and owner of most of the buildings on the property.  Curinde anticipates that the buildings will be complete in August or September of next year.  The construction is going to cost 7 million guilders.

Insurance company Fatum has paid Curinde more than one million guilders for damages to the first building that burned.  Payments in connection with an insurance against loss of rent will follow soon, hopes Curinde, while they are also negotiating the cleaning costs.  Fatum has not paid for the damages of the rest of the fires as yet.  The new building will be bigger than it was before the fire.  The floor area of the original building was more than 3000 square meters.  The new building will be two storeys with a total area of 5570 square meters.


Businessman and project developer John Daryanani (48) is behind bars in the police cells (block 1) of the Bon Futuro-jail.  He was arrested in his home at Perseusweg yesterday on suspicion of arson in conjunction with others and insurance fraud.  The arrest was part of the criminal investigation into the five fires that raged in the free zone between November of last year and February of this year.  Daryanani was taken into custody at 14:00.  The district attorney will have to request the examining magistrate tomorrow (two days after the arrest) to extent the detention with eight days.  The examining magistrate will allow this if there are sufficient grounds.  Daryanani’s current lawyer, Arend de Winter returned to the island late yesterday afternoon and was going to visit his client in prison today to discuss his case.

The Public Prosecutor neither confirms nor denies the rumours that John’s uncle, Haresh Daryanani is also wanted by justice.  The criminal case against this Haresh for the possession of fire arms and for laundering of drug-money via his businesses Casa Roberto and Hermanos Lalo in de free zone was conditionally dismissed in 2005.  Haresh had to deposit 150.000 guilders in the criminality fund and do 120 hours of community services.