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What you need to know

More and more students opt for an internship on Curacao. And with reason; an internship abroad is more than an adventure on a tropical island, it can give your career the boost it needs to get of to a flying start. With these pages we hope to give just the information you need to have the best time!

There are several so called 'stagebureaus' to help you with all kinds of practical stuff, such as finding an internship and a room or apartment. Off course this is very convenient, but it does cost you extra money. Most things you can arrange for yourself or with the help of your school or university.

To help you out we have listed some of the most important things you need to know and do.

Off course the first thing to do is find a company where you want do your traineeship and make sure they want you as their intern. So find out as much you can about that company and compose an excellent application. You can also contact one of the bureaus listed in this section to act as an intermediary.

One very important aspect is to make sure you have everything in writing, especially your contract. You need this to apply for your permit.These bureaus can also help you find a place to live, although if you know someone already living on the island it is often cheaper to arrange it via them.  Arrange your documents. You'll need a special work permit for the duration of your internship.

You can download the forms from or check for more information. Also it is important that your passport and drivers license are valid and that you can show proof of medical insurance upon registration with Curacao civil registration.

If you plan on staying for more than three months you need to register your drivers license at the Driver Licensing Center.