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Top 10 Attractions on Curacao

Beaches of Curacao

Some of the clearest blue waters of the whole Caribbean can be found in Curacao!

Curacao has more than 35 beaches, mostly on the west side of the island.

We recommend you to take a guided tour or rent a car to drive all the way to the west side of the island to ‘Westpunt’ and explore the many secluded beaches Curacao has to offer...

For more information see Beaches

Downtown Willemstad

The world famous world heritage monumental buildings known as 'De Handelskade', together with the famous Pontjesburg and the Juliana Bridge make downtown Willemstad a must see for all visitors.

Enjoy a drink at one of the many bars and take a stroll through the cosy streets of Otrabanda. And not to forget the tax-free shopping in Punda!

For more informatie see Downtown Willemstad

Explore the sea

Curacao's underwater world is world famous among divers.

There is a good reason for this, not only has Curacao some of the easiest shore dives in the world and offer the 'Mushroom Forest' dive site but there is also a plain wreck, car wreck and shipwreck you can dive to.

Curacao offers diving lessons for beginners and also for more experienced divers. Is diving just not your thing? Then don't forget to bring a snorkel as there's a lot to explore with your snorkel gear too!

For more information see Dive locations

National Parks of Curacao

Curacao has several National Parks, however we recommend you to visit two in particular. Christoffelberg National Park and Sheta Boka National Park are well worth the effort.

Christoffel National Park  offers several hikes through the park, including a climb up the Christoffelberg, which is the highest hill on the island! Sheta Boka National Park has some of the most spectacular scenes as the ocean crashes into the rugged north-coast of the island.

The most important natural treasures in this area are the nesting beaches of sea turtles. The park has several hiking trails which varies from 2,5 till 6 km.

Sea Aquarium & Dolphin Academy

The Sea Aquarium offers the visitor a glimpse of what the underwater life is like on Curacao.

Some of the bigger animals include dolphins, seals, turtles and even flamingo's are represented in the Sea Aquarium! If you would like to get up close with the resident dolphins, you can do this in the Dolphin Academy .

They offer different kinds of dolphin encounters for different prices. There's no reason not to have greeted these friendly creatures.

Ostrich Farm

Located in the north-east of the island, is the largest ostrich farm outside of the continent of Africa!

A tour gives you all the inside information on how this massive farm is completely ecological operating and of course you get to see all of the animals on the farm.

Besides the tour there is also a gift shop and restaurant where you can wait for your tour to begin, or relax afterwards where you can dine in true African style and enjoy the ostrich specialties or other real South-African dishes.

Kura holanda

Kura Hulanda Museum

Curacao's history is one of mixed feelings, part of the wealth accumulated on the island comes from slave trading in the 19th century when Curacao became a Dutch colony and main port for arriving slaves from Africa to be sold and spread across the Caribbean.

The Kura Hulanda Museum educates the visitor on the slave trade on Curacao, but also on the culture the slaves were taken from and what the effects of the slave trade are in the current time.

Caves of Hato

Changing sea levels and rainwater seeping in from above have formed these natural caves, which are still being formed up to this day.

The guide explains how the stalactites and stalagmites are formed and will show you some of the resident bats who live in the caves. Guided tours are available throughout the day.

Alöe Vera Plantation

Perhaps you have heard about Alöe Vera before, is it is used in many beauty and health products, now is your opportunity to see what it is exactly for yourself.

A guided tour is recommended as it will teach you about what makes the condition on Curacao ideal for growing Alöe Vera, you will also get the pleasure of tasting and applying some Alöe Vera yourself.

Many island tours include the Alöe Vera Plantation in their program.

Visit 'Klein Curacao'

If you don't mind spending a day on a tiny Caribbean island with blinding white sands and an all inclusive trip to the island, you might want to check out the uninhabited island 'Klein Curacao', which translated in English means little Curacao.

Klein Curacao is well known as a beautiful diving-spot because of its coral and underwater caves. There are several individual boat company's who offer day-trips to the island, food and drinks included for the whole day.

Don't forget to bring some seasickness pills, as the boat trip to the island can be pretty rough!